Our Mission

Fighting Urban Food Deserts in Philadelphia

We believe in the power of sharing, doing good for our community and that every child deserves unrestricted access to nutritious meals.

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Fresher than your average shirt.

Who are we?

We're not just a clothing brand, we're a collective of forward-thinkers, dreamers and philanthropists rooted in helping others. We believe in something bigger than ourselves and that in large numbers, we can make a difference in the lives of our youth. 

How do we work?

When you purchase a Fruitstrology product you support Philabundance's KidsBites program and the Life Do Grow Farm in North Philadelphia. Your purchase provides a sustainable way to ensure kids have access to fruit and education about healthy eating, one to one.

Where'd this idea come from?

In 2013 we (Rachel and Sarah) began volunteering at an urban garden on Uber Street in Philadelphia. We met the women across the street who owned the garden and the kids who came after school to learn and play. That's when we realized how special the garden was to those who lived around it. The garden was a place to come together, inspire learning, grow and harvest nourishing fruits and vegetables and have BBQs in the summer.

We saw just by walking through Philadelphia that there were plenty of corner stores with unhealthy packaged foods and not many grocery stores or places to get fresh produce. So we started researching and found that Philly is one of the largest urban food deserts in the country, meaning there is limited access to supermarkets and affordable fresh & nutritious food is difficult to get. So the garden had another important purpose - providing a sustainable way for people in Philadelphia to get fresh produce. 

What does your purchase mean?

Through each Fruitstrology purchase you are spreading awareness for food deserts and giving fruit to children in food desert areas who need it most. You are helping children get vitamins essential for their diet. This lowers the rate of diabetes, helps children focus in school and fights against sickness and developmental deficiencies. Your purchase has a direct and lasting positive effect on the minds and health of our youth.