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Talkative Grape

Talkative Grape

Ambitious Coconut

Ambitious Coconut

Smart Apple

Smart Apple

Which Fruit Are You?

Banana : Easygoing

Levelheaded and patient, bananas are down to earth and easy to get along with

Apple : Smart

Intellectual and witty, apples are logical and are passionate about learning new things

Grape : Talkative

Outgoing and friendly, grapes love meeting new people and are the life of any party

Coconut : Ambitious

Motivated and goal oriented, coconuts are go-getters who are determined to succeed

Peach : Charismatic

Confident and optimistic, peaches are good listeners and can easily connect with others

Orange : Active

Adventurous and athletic, oranges love the outdoors and taking on new challenges

Pineapple : Independent

Self-reliant and decisive, pineapples stand out in the crowd and are natural leaders

Pear : Funny

Spontaneous and sarcastic, pears enjoy making others laugh and almost everything they say is hilarious