Power of Sharing


The Power of Sharing:

Make your purchases mean something.


Noun | fruit-strol-ogy

  1. A clothing brand that donates fruit to children for every product sold, with a fresh twist.
  2. The social shirt with its own personality that you can interact with. Follow it, tweet it, post it.

We believe in the power of sharing and doing good for your community


Share The Fruit You Wear:

For every product sold, we donate a serving of fresh fruit to a child in need.  Fresh food is a basic need for growing children, yet there are 17 million children in the US who are lacking proper nutrition due to living in low-income areas and urban food deserts (areas with no or distant grocery stores).

Without proper nutrition, children have trouble functioning in school, get sick more often, and experience developmental deficiencies. 

Starting in Philadelphia and expanding into more cities in the US, we will ensure that our children have access to the fresh food they deserve.

Share Who You Are:

Your clothes are an expression of your personality.  Whether you're a Talkative Grape or and Easygoing Banana, each fruit creates a unique way to express yourself.

Our shirts not only say you're committed to supporting local children's nutrition, it's a fun and creative way to say something about yourself. So... which fruit are you?